Shino Hydraulic Pressure

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Hotline:0757-85568870     中文    English


——    Our Advantages   ——

Our Advantages


Sealing technology for many years

Years of experience in sealing technology application, rich sealing section and professional

material matching, can tailor-made reasonable and practical sealing scheme for users.


Stability and reliability

Austria imports professional CNC CNC lathes, high quality imported sealing materials to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality


Operating cost, high cost performance

It has lower operating cost and higher cost performance than similar foreign well-known brand

seals companies.


Structural unrestricted, fast delivery

No die turning production, product size, structure unrestricted fast delivery time, up to half an

hour delivery

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Shino Hydraulic Pressure

It can provide sealing products of any size, structure, specification and materials in the range of 3-4000MM for users.

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