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What are the main factors that affect the performance of internal high pressure sealing

Internal high-pressure seals are widely used in industries that require sealing. What are the main factors that affect the performance of internal high-pressure seals?


Internal high pressure sealIn the need to seal a wide range of applications in the industry, the impactInternal high pressure sealWhat is the main factor of performance.

1. ImpactInternal high pressure sealWhat is the main factor of performance, the speed of movement is very low, and the smoothness of equipment operation and whether there is a crawling phenomenon should be considered. When the moving speed is high), the ink of the lubrication effect of the device may be destroyed. Due to the failure of good lubrication, the seal may be rubbed and heated, which will greatly reduce the life. It is recommended that the rubber seal is more suitable in the speed range of 0.3 m/s ~ 1.2 m/s.

2. The low temperature will reduce the elasticity of the rubber-plastic composite seal, cause leakage, and even make the entire oil seal hard and fragile. High temperature will cause the volume of the oil seal to expand and soften, resulting in a rapid increase in the frictional resistance of the oil seal movement and a decrease in the pressure resistance.

3. ImpactInternal high pressure sealWhat is the main factor of performance is working pressure. Whether there is a minimum starting pressure sealing requirement. Low aerodynamic drag seals for low friction properties required for low voltage operation. In2.5Mpa or below, the composite seal rubber is not appropriate to consider, which high pressure compression seals, to anti-extrusion ring groove processing has special requirements.

4. ImpactInternal high pressure sealWhat is the main factor of performance? The working medium needs to be strictly required according to the production of the enterprise. Manufacturers recommend some advice to select the study work environment outside the medium, to maintain the work as a medium of clean development is essential. The problem of oil aging or pollution will not only cause the failure of the components in the management system, accelerate the aging and wear of the oil seal, but also may Scratch or embed the seal, causing the seal to fail. We must regularly check the oil seal quality analysis and cleanliness, and replace the oil filter or oil according to the maintenance specifications of the equipment. The residual air in the oil in the oil cylinder will be compressed at a high diameter. The high temperature causes the oil seal to burn out and even carbonize. In order to avoid the continuous occurrence of use, the design exhaust treatment should be carried out at the beginning of the safe operation of the hydraulic control system. The hydraulic cylinder should also run at low pressure and slow speed for a few minutes to confirm that the residual air in the oil has been drained, can work normally.


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