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What are the problems that should be paid attention to in the design process of rotating sealing ring



In the construction machinery, engineering machinery and automotive equipment and other industrial fields, are inseparable from the mechanical seal, andRotating seal ringIt can withstand the two-way action of pressure or alternating pressure on both sides. It has been widely used in rods, shafts, pins, rotary joints, etc. that have rotating or swinging motion, and has been widely praised.

  Rotating seal ringIt is a sealing element with a circular cross-sectional shape. It has simple sealing structure, compact installation part and light weight. Resistant to most media and strong chemical resistance; High pressure resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance; Low friction, no crawling at startup, constant movement even at low speed; Good dimensional stability; Good sealing performance, almost no leakage when used as a fixed seal, when used as a motion seal, only when the speed is high, there is some leakage; the size and groove have been standardized, the cost is low, the product is easy to obtain, the advantages of easy use and outsourcing are available in some occasions where the piston rod or piston seal is required.

  Rotating seal ringGenerally, it is sealed by the rebound generated by compression, but with the increase of pressure, it is squeezed into the sealing gap and changes its shape. Therefore, in order to make it have a good sealing effect and prolong its service lifeRotating seal ringThe design process must pay attention to the rubber hardness, the size of the sealing gap and the pressure level.Rotating seal ringThe diameter of the section is related to the situation and other issues, and the design scheme with small compression deformation and favorable sealing performance is selected.

At present, most of the mechanical seal designs seen on the market are made of relatively soft materials to make the rotating surface rotate and rub on the hard stationary surface. No matter what material is used, a layer of liquid film must be kept between the contact surfaces to play the role of lubrication. Therefore, the major sealing manufacturing companies in the future development, will continue to take the road of innovation and development, and constantly strive to improveRotating seal ringFlatness of contact surfaces. Carefully handle these seal contact surfaces and strictly follow the installation instructions to ensure that the seal surfaces are properly protected and properly seated.


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