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Analysis of the use and classification of rotating seals

Rotary seal ring is a kind of seal made of rubber. Its excellent performance makes the application of rotary seal ring very wide. Rotary seal ring has fluorine rubber, silicone and butyl rubber products, which are widely used in various machinery, resistant to various petroleum-based oils and various chemical media, and different rubber types and sealing structures are selected.


Rotary seal ring is a kind of seal made of rubber, which is mainly used to seal rods, shafts, pins, rotary joints, etc. that rotate or swing. The rotating sealing ring has good dimensional stability. Resistant to most media and strong chemical resistance; Small installation space, simple groove and lubrication cavity; High pressure resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance; All occasions requiring piston rod or piston seal can be provided. The friction force is small, it does not crawl when starting, and it can ensure constant movement and other excellent properties even at low speed, making the application of rotary sealing ring very wide, rotary seal ring has fluorine rubber, silicone, butyl rubber products, widely used in a variety of machinery, resistant to a variety of petroleum-based oil and a variety of chemical media, the use of different types of glue and sealing structure.

The rotating sealing ring is generally made of rubber material, because the sealing performance of rubber is better, and the skeleton used is thin steel plate or stainless steel plate, which has good adaptability to the medium. Different sealing ring materials can be selected according to different working conditions; The material of the rotating sealing ring has good elasticity and is combined with the modified PTFE material with high characteristics. Rotary seals are mainly divided into the Glea ring, TC oil seals, hydraulic seals, V-shaped seals and other categories.

The working temperature of the rotary sealing ring is relatively wide, such as fluorine rubber and silicone rubber, which has good low-pressure sealing performance and can be used for pneumatic rotary sealing. It has high lubrication requirements and cannot be used for non-lubricated pneumatic rotary sealing. The material of pure rubber is soft and does not It is resistant to high pressure and needs to be added with woven fibers to increase its hardness and strength.

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