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Foshan Sinoe 2015 Shanghai PTC Exhibition Ends


Our company participated in the 19th Shanghai Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition referred to as PTC on October 27-30, 2015, and achieved complete success.
For our company's exhibition, the material supplier Austria head office attached great importance to it, and the president of the company visited our booth and guided the work. I fully affirmed the work deployment and exhibition effect of this exhibition.
At this exhibition, our company displayed various working conditions of sealing rings, including ultra-high pressure sealing, high temperature resistant sealing, low temperature resistant sealing, super-large 4000mm sealing, etc., attracting a large number of exhibitors to consult.
During the exhibition, the patented product 400MPa ultra-high pressure seal jointly developed by our company and Yanshan University attracted a large number of domestic and foreign technicians to come for consultation. Many customers came directly to admire the name and walked away with heart. At present, our company's ultra-high pressure seal pressure grade is 150Mpa/250Mpa/300Mpa/400Mpa. The persistent pursuit of continuous breakthrough and continuous transcendence of self leads us to a higher platform and walks in the front end of the industry. Ultra high pressure 600Mpa sealing ring our company is in the test stage, I believe it will soon face the market, to help more customers to solve the problem.

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